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Testimonials: Testimonials

"Bernetta Reese is a force multiplier! Her ability to build consensus among stakeholders, develop plans, execute projects, and drive results was transformative for our organization. Bernetta is professional, dedicated, and brings a management skill set that far exceeds expectations. Under her visionary leadership, our organization increased our voice in the community and the ability to advocate effectively for our members. If you are looking for someone to bring expertise and impact, I highly recommend working with Bernetta!"

—Laura Belko

"Bernetta provides excellent customer service. She always has time to help out any colleague anytime. She is a hard worker, very detail oriented, and gets the job done!"

—Elisa O'Halloran

"Bernetta is a skilled communicator, with invaluable expertise in web and project management. She provides excellent customer service on tight deadline, along with the technical know-how and expert guidance. Her approach is disciplined, pro-active -- always geared toward problem-solving and successfully achieving the goal(s). Bernetta offers the particular mix of professional skill sets that make her management and counsel indispensable."

—Andy Szul

"Bernetta cares about federal workers. I took a recent web class under her and she shared with me and the rest of the students secrets to increase our worth to employers, network more efficiently, and make the most out of our new federal jobs. It is rare to find someone like Bernetta who takes her personal time to help mentor those who she may never meet."

—Toby Wall

"I attended the homeschool workshop and appreciate the tangible information and examples. It helped in my process of gathering more information. Thank you!"

—Kristen Brooks

"Thank you so much for the information shared in today's session. I am currently homeschooling my 16-yr-old twins, one of whom is diagnosed with Autism, and it has been a challenge working full-time and being their homeschool teacher. I wouldn't change anything in the world! I love being able to watch them learn and thrive daily and share their new learning experiences- it has made me a better mom. I appreciate viewing your samples and curriculum resources which I will be incorporating into our sessions. Thank you again."

—Darees D. Shields

"While serving as a political appointee in the Obama administration, I was immediately impressed by Bernetta’s drive, passion, and proven ability to create systemic change. Bernetta is a rising star and an impressive leader who I would be honored to work with again someday."

—Mark Anthony Dingbaum

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